Delivery Models

Delivery Models

Bluebird’s seasoned recruiters take time and hand-select resources to fulfil your needs and tackle your recruiting difficulties based on important client factors including position requirements, company culture, organisational objectives, and your unique hiring circumstances. Our executive and talent search services help you keep within budget by bridging skill gaps, decreasing the turnover, and finding qualified candidates.


Permanent Staffing

End-to-end permanent staffing is our core area of expertise.

We provide customized, reliable and retained search services to meet unique workforce requirements of your organization with less TAT, high precision and efficiency.

As we know the value and importance of finding a right candidate for a right job, our team of experts takes a comprehensive approach to permanent recruitment, utilizing the latest technologies and best practices to identify and attract top talent.

Temporary Staffing


When a new project comes up or an urgent requirement for new hires or your staffing needs change, you will be in need of qualified candidates to fill up these new positions. Our recruiting team will analyze and assess all your staffing needs with in no time and accelerate the team's size on the fly without making a permanent hire.

Thisflexible and cost-effective solution allows you to quickly and easily access a pool of talented professionals who can help you get the job done. The advantages include saving on time, training cost and expenses associated with a permanent hire.

BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer)


Bluebird technologies, as a company, offers Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) services by providing valuable solutions to companies looking to expand into new markets or launch new products. We can help companies design, build, and operate the new project, while ensuring that it meets all the necessary requirements and standards. The cost-effective solutions offered by us can help companies minimize their upfront costs and risk, while still achieving their growth objectives.

Considering the expertise in building and operating complex systems with a team of experts, companies can trust that their project is in good hands and can focus on their core competencies. With a focus on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, Bluebird Technologies is your best bet for all your BOT needs.

Project Based Staffing


Project-based staffing is a contemporary model by Bluebird Technologies for companies who are in need of project-based hiring/staffing by employing independent contractors on a project-basis. We provide skilled and qualified professionals to help you achieve your project goals on schedule, within the budget and with exceptional results. If you are looking for a reliable technology partner for your next project, then Bluebird technologies is the right destiny for all your project-based staffing requirements.