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Ensuring that IT investments pay off over the long term.  
Legacy Systems
Helping an organization to realize continued value from its legacy systems is an exciting challenge. Legacy systems are the true workhorses of the IT industry. They have supported large companies for years - some for decades - and they reflect the technology of their time. The programmers who built them, the documentation that applied to them, the original staff who operated them may all be gone; yet many companies will continue to rely on their legacy systems to play a role in 21st century business. Blue bird is ready to respond to that challenge. We have extensive experience in legacy systems re-engineering projects. Using our services, our clients have migrated their old systems to the most up-to-date hardware, had their outdated code fitted to today's business requirements, and transformed their obsolete communications architectures to today's high-speed Internet world.
Blue bird' s Offering
Ours professionals are fluent in the skills needed to ensure that our clients' legacy systems continue to add value to the organization. These skills include IBM Mainframes, IBM UDB, IBM 3090, AS/400, OS/390, CICS, FOCUS, DB2/MVS, IDMS, IMS, and COBOL. Our services include the following:
   Maintenance and Enhancement of Legacy Systems
   Re-engineering of Legacy Systems
   Migration from Mainframe to Client/Server Architecture
   Web-enabling of Legacy Applications
   Development of Interfaces with Other Applications
   Application Enhancement
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