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Maintaining long-term relationships is the key to remaining competitive and ensuring continual growth. Customer Relationship Management technology provides a distinct advantage.  
Customer Relationship Management
Over the past decade, it has become increasingly apparent that simply offering unique products or better services is not enough to ensure a company's survival. No company can take a "one size fits all" approach to customer relationships. Customers' needs are too diverse and the competition is too fierce. Just as ERP takes an enterprise-wide view of how a company manages its data, CRM takes a strategic approach to realizing the greatest value from customer relationships. Fortunately, today's tools make collecting, querying, and reporting data on customers easier than ever. With the right approach, a CRM process can provide metrics about your company's marketing, sales, and service that provide enough useful data to actually improve customer relationships.
Our areas of expertise in CRM include
   Oracle CRM
Blue bird's Offering
Instcomp's CRM services offer an invaluable picture of customer histories: their buying records, profitability, successes, and history of services provided. This data can help your company align itself to keep its most valued customers and exceed the expectations of those they may be in danger of losing.
CRM services include the following:
   Front Office and Back Office System Integration Services
   Integration of existing applications with CRM's
   CRM Product Implementation
   Migration & Customization
   Call Center Management
   Turnkey Implementation, Supplemental, and Project Based Staffing
   Electronic Bill Payment and Presentation (EBPP)
   Sales Solutions
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